So You're Ready to Sync to Xero, let's just double check.

Before you're ready to hit the sync button, lets just recap and make sure that you have checked off the pre-requisites.

Things you need to have completed before syncing to Xero

Connectwise Setup
  • Ensure that the PSA member that you wish to sync with has security access to the Accounting Interface
  • Created the ConnectWise Integrator Login Account
  • Updated your Terms XRef in the Billing Setup
  • Ensure that all customer records have a Primary and Billing contact selected.
  • Created the "GL Reload" billing status, and reloaded all invoices to be posted to Xero.
  • Added the Accounts for system accounts such as Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Mapped all of your Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts
  • Added Non-Product ID's to your GL Mappings for non-product revenue.
  • Setup the Accounting Package Interface to match the settings as required

Accounting Interface

  • Created a Manual Batch for records prior to your conversion (or lock) date.
  • Set all of the "Unbatched" records to "GL Reload" so that they don't all try to sync in your first run.
  • Have a number of test invoices to work with and check.

Some Additional Features that we think you should know about:

Once you have the above checked off, you are now ready to proceed to:

Next Step > Setup Wise-Sync Companies & Users