Setup your Wise-Sync Account

We'll you made it. Congratulations, you are only a few more steps from Syncing your Connectwise Invoices to QuickBooks Online. The next steps should only take you 5 -10 mins, so don't give up now - you are almost there.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Setup your Account Details
    • Connection details to your PSA Site, including
      • Your PSA Site URL
      • The Integrator Login account you have created
      • The Database (CompanyID) which you wish to sync with
  • Create the Wise-Sync Companies
    • For Sync Settings Including
      • Locale (Tax Settings)
      • System Account Numbers for Tax Types
      • Sync Application Options
  • Create Wise-Sync Users
    • Setup users to access and run the sync batch.

Follow the Setup Process to work your way through to simple accounting synchronisation.