We have recently released a couple of updates and enabled those new features on your Wise-Pay Account.  It is important that you review the following:

Multi Connection is now enabled

Multi-Connections was a new feature that was released about a month ago, and helps to deal with the limitations around the system accessing the API while Wise-Sync is in process. This causes issues with Token Access, where two systems are using the same connection - and running at the same time.  You will now see an error at the top of the page when you log into Wise-Pay, until you establish the new connections.

You will need to log into Wise-Pay and connect your Xero/QBO Company.

1.      Either click the Manage Connections button on the notification displayed on the dashboard or navigate to Configure > Accounting Connections.

2.      On the Accounting Connections screen, look for the value of the Connected column to find which connection is broken.

3.      Click the Connect to this accounting application button (the first button on the far right) to re-establish the connection.

Wise-Pay takes you to the accounting package and allows you to select the organization you need to connect to.

4.      Select the organization and click Allow access to re-establish the connection.

More information read the following KB Article here.