Error: Error saving item in Xero. Validation Message: Organisation accounts are locked on the specified payment (Specified payment date set up).

How can this happen?

The invoice payment cannot be applied due to the Xero accounts being locked.


There are two options available to resolve this issue:

  1. Unlock the accounts in Xero, so that the payment can be applied.

    (Refer: Remove Lock Dates)

  2.  If the payment is already applied, then simply sl "Fixed Manually" in Wise-Pay Unapplied Payments

    Note: If you have resolved the error manually and payment has been applied to the Wise-Pay Clearing account, you can click on the "Fixed Manually" button in Wise-Pay. This will ensure that the error is marked as resolved. It is important that these payments are resolved ASAP to ensure that there are no ongoing reconciliation issues.