Release Date - 4th April, 2019


We squished a couple more bugs:

  • There was a REST API Connect test issue if the site contained an api- prefix.
  • There was an Failed to get product by item 'xyz' error with the Procurement sync.

Release Date - 29 March, 2019


This release introduces support for ConnectWise v2019.3.

ConnectWise introduced some changes that saw the depreciation of old API endpoints. Your syncing experience hasn't changed.

UPDATE 29th March

The hotfix has been rolled back. Please click here for more information.

UPDATE 3rd April

The hotfix has been re-released. This hotfix required us to port some of our interactions with the ConnectWise API from the legacy SOAP API to their REST API.

Important note for ConnectWise Customers already on v2019.3 (Beta Partners) - this means that Wise-Sync users must update their ConnectWise REST API Credentials now.

Important note for ConnectWise Customers moving to v2019.3 - ConnectWise have slated general release of v2019.3 for the 17th April, 2019. Wise-Sync users must have their ConnectWise REST API Keys configured in Wise-Sync by this date.

Further information about how to configure REST API Keys in ConnectWise and Wise-Sync, refer to - FAQ - How to create REST API Keys for a ConnectWise Member

Release Date - 7 March, 2019

This release includes:

  1. Support for ConnectWise v2019.3 - hold off on upgrading to this version
  2. Autotask Invoice Sync - Multi Currency Invoices and the sync of customer contact information.
  3. Subscription Management - request a proposal for consulting services.
  4. Loads of bug fixes.

ConnectWise v2019.3 Support - hold off on upgrading to this version

v2019.3 beta has just been dropped! Unfortunately ConnectWise have released some breaking changes that we will fix shortly. ConnectWise customers are advised to refrain from upgrading to this version until further notice.

Wise-Sync for Autotask New Feature: Multi-Currency Support

Easily sync invoices across to your accounting in its assigned currency.

How do I turn it on in Wise-Sync?

Jump into your Wise-Sync Company settings by clicking Companies from the top Menu.

To use this feature, Multi-Currency needs to be enabled in Autotask and your Accounting Package. For more information, check out Setup Wise-Sync Company.

Check this out - here is an Autotask Invoice in Canadian Dollars:

Invoice has been synced and recorded in Quickbooks Online in Canadian Dollars.

Wise-Sync for Autotask Improvements

Sync Invoice Contact Information

We've made improvements to the Invoice sync by migrating invoice contact details to your accounting package.

Control how Wise-Sync handles Contact Name and Email Address from Autotask via your Wise-Sync Company settings.

How do I do this?

Jump into your Wise-Sync Company settings by clicking Companies from the top Menu.

In the Invoice Options tab, set your preferred options for Contact Email Handling and Contact Name Handling. You can choose whether to sync details from the Autotask Invoice Preferences where provided or sync details of the Primary Contact. For more information, check out Setup Wise-Sync Company.

For Xero customers, we're syncing the Autotask Account Number. Unfortunately Quickbooks Online doesn't support provide a field for us to sync the Autotask Account Number to.

Subscription Management Updates

Request Consulting

Sometimes we need that little bit of extra support. Easily request a proposal for consulting services from your Account settings to help your organisation successfully syncing.

Once a request is sent, we'll be in contact to work out the best option for you and send out a proposal.

Other Updates

  • Wise-Sync BIlling Contacts are no longer linked to Wise-Sync Users. That is, the BIlling Contact for your Wise-Sync Account could be a person from your Finance team that may not be a Wise-Sync User.
  • Customers paying their Wise-Sync Accounts with an Amex Credit Card, will see the Amex Surcharge in the Edit Account > Plan, Add-Ons and Consulting screen.
  • There was a Non-static method requires a target error when trying to authenticate a user via a Quick Link.
  • There was an issue with accepting Wise-Sync Proposals due to an invalid Time Zone.
  • There was an issue with configuring an Additional Company added via the Edit Account > Plan, Add-Ons screen.
  • Some UI updates were made to improve the user experience for Autotask customers.
  • Incorrect Autotask Billing Code Mappings were saved.