Release Date - 2 July, 2019

Disabled AutoComplete for Username, Password, API Key fields

After reports of users accidentally making changes to username/password and/or API credentials when editing Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay Users and Accounts, resulting in errors, we've disabled AutoComplete on these fields.

The AutoComplete is enabled for the login screen only.

Refer to Wise-Sync - Version Release Notes v4.6.5 about how this affects you.

Removal of Google+ from Branding

Since google has shut down Google+ for consumers, we've decided to remove Google+ configuration from Wise-Pay. This means, event notifications and notifications from Wise-Sync will no longer contain links to Google+.

Other Updates

  • There was an issue removing payers if their User Account was deleted.
  • An inactive payment method could be used in a Payer's Automatic Payments settings.
  • If using an Alternative Merchant, payers could not be deleted.
  • There was an error editing Automatic Payment Terms if Wise-Pay was unable to obtain a list of Payment Terms setup in Autotask due to invalid Autotask Credentials of the Merchant Admin editing the Automatic Payment Terms.
  • An incorrect date was being submitted to IntegraPay for scheduled payments in the US, resulting in a The Request Date is not valid error.
  • Credit Card Expiry event notifications were being sent out incorrectly for payers with inactive credit cards.
  • There was a problem saving the Sort Code for UK Bank Accounts, if it contained characters other than numbers. Integrapay store these codes as xxxxxx and validate them to be numbers only, despite the general acceptance of Sort Codes as xx-xx-xx.